Marshall Lee, the song's artist

The fries song is sang by Marshall Lee while Fionna is beatboxing.It was thought of by Anna the AT Sonic Anime Fan


Mummy, why did you eat my fries?

I brought them, and they were mine.

But you ate them, yeah, ate my fries,

and I cried, but you didn't see me cry.

Mummy,do you even love me?

Well I wish you'd show it,

'cause I wouldn't know it.

What kind of mum eats her son's fries,

and doesn't look him in the eyes?

Mummy there was tears.

if you saw them would you even care?

Ice Queen's versionEdit

Ice queen had sang the fry song.


Ice queen:(off key) mummy why did you eat my fries?

I brought them they were mine,

but you ate them, you ate my fries

and I cried, but you didn't see me cry

mummy,do you even love me?

well I wish you would show it

cause then I would know it.

(the song was cut off by cake saying "yeesh")

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